I'm a dreamer and I can vision things that can be done. One of my strong side is optimism, purposefulness and creativity. I like to come up with new projects, in work but also in my personal life. Sometimes my head is way high in the sky, but that's why I have my lovely wife Wendy in the team, she can guide me the way I need. And my best friend Janča, which is somewhere between us and that makes us the BEST TEAM!

I don't like rules and structure that can restrict me, so I try to avoid them. Because of that, my dream is to built my own project, which will fulfil my drams. I love wood and working with it, that's why I decided to build a TinyHouse with my own hands.



A lover of food, coffee, animals and her friends, who looks at the world with realistic eyes. That's me :)

I'm happy when everything is working the way it should. I like to plan everything, so I'm not surprised by anything. That's why I'm the one who plans in our team. I hope that it doesn't make me boring :) I feel the best when I know what's coming so this project is out of my comfort zone.

But I believe it will be all worth it! Actually it already is, because all of us learn something new everyday, just thanks to this project. I'm looking forward to everything new on our way.



My main priority is my family and my close friends, that who I am. I love nature, good food, baking, animals and i like to spend time on myself too. I think I'm a creative and sensitive soul. Everything I do, I do with passion. I don't like to work under pressure, without motivation and suport of others.

I get crazy into every new idea, that's why I jumped right into our new project. I always dreamed that I will work on something I would love, work with passion and do things that fulfil me. And I'm convinced that this project is the right for all three of us. Finally I do what I want to do, and it makes me happy even when there is something difficult.